This is an alphabetical version.  For a subjective ranked version see: Ranked: War

This is a list of various books that contain descriptions of wars and battles.  The reasons for them.  The strategies involved. 

This does not include general histories of the people.  For more holistic understanding of conflicts, see related intriguing connections in the book page, or the list Get To Know This Worlds' Peoples, Regions, Cities, Nations, and Empires

General War Framework

General War Framework / The Tools Of War

21st Century Conflicts
Various / Specific To Russian Conflicts

War on Terrorism

20th Century Conflicts

Various / Specific To Russian Conflicts

Russia VS Ukraine

South African Apartheid 

Vietnam War (US, France, Vietnam)

WWII (US, Germany, Russia, UK, Japan)
19th Century Conflicts
Native American Indian Wars (U.S.A., Native American Indians)

18th Century Conflicts
War for Independence: U.S.A.  (British Empire, American Colonialists, France, Native American Indians)

France VS Russia

16th Century Conflicts
The Protestant Reformation  (UK, France, Christianity [Protestant, Catholic])

12-15th Century Conflicts
Mongol Advance  (Mongolia, Russia, Islam, Christianity)

12th Century Conflicts
Crusades (Christianity, Islam)

8-11th Century Conflicts
Viking Expansion
1th Century B.C.E. Conflicts
Crisis of the Roman Republic (Roman Republic)

    7th-6th Century B.C.E. Conflicts
    Greco-Persian Wars (Greece, Persia)