Book Club

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Books are made better by the conversations that happen about them.

Reading is isolating, unless you talk about the book.  Then reading becomes a social experience within a community.

If you liked or did not like a book, and want to hear different thoughts on the book, this is a book club for you.

Want to create a habit of reading?  The book club's community will support your drive.

Not sure about what you get out of books, or how to think about books, or how to apply the book's topics?  Join the discussions and put your knowledge to the test.

Want to find out from others if a book is worth reading?  Then join the book club to find books worth reading.

This club primarily hosts non-fiction book club event, and some fiction.  The value of the club comes from the discussions, and listening to everyone's views about the book.  Everyone's different views.  There will be agreement, but disagreement is permitted and encouraged.  Everyone's diverse backgrounds will cause everyone to have different approaches to the topic which will elucidate arguments for and against the topic.  What matters is how you engage with the information learned in the book and everyone's ideas.  To seek out and understand the complexity of the topic. 

A Note On Disagreement: Conflict is inevitable.  Disagreement is inevitable.  People come from different backgrounds, which causes them to interpret information differently.  Sparking conflict and disagreement.  Although conflict and disagreement cannot be avoided, each individual can choose how they respond to them.  Everyone can choose how to fight.  Can choose how to disagree.  Everyone can make conflict and disagreement productive.  Enabling everyone to become better.  Disagreement causes a search for more information, for the reasons why others think differently.  Which makes everyone more informed, better able to analyze the information.  Knowing how to disagree is a skill that can be learned through practice.  

There are conditions that are needed to facilitate an honest discussion about the different views everyone has, community guidelines.  1)  To enable everyone be heard, everyone is able to speak.  Priority goes to those who spoke less.  2)  It is acceptable for everyone to err, and disagree.  By finding out different information can any individual choose to error correct.  For more community guidelines and the event's discussion, see Community Guidelines (Click Here).

The list of books are mostly member suggestions. Every cycle members suggest books, and then poll which books they wish to read.  Books are selected for poll rank, and topic diversity.  For for details about How The Book List Gets Made, Click Here.  Page contains the reasons why books are listed, and things to consider when suggesting books.


Basic Statistics

Past Events =             140
Book Club Events =   133
Author Appearance = 7
Book Shop Visits =    6
Related Events  =       1
Attendance: Average = 11, Standard Deviation = 5