Book Club

Inquiry: Non-Fiction Book Club for Inquiring Minds

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The centerpiece of the discussion will be a non-fiction book, but the discussions' value will come from the everyone's inputs. Disagreements or agreements, what matters is how you engage with the knowledge learned in the book and everyone's ideas. The diverse backgrounds we come from will cause us to have different approaches to the topic which will elucidate arguments for and against the topic. Critical thinking enables the group to understand the ideas in their complexity.

My role of moderator is to make sure everyone gets heard. Within the discussion, priority goes to those who did not speak much, which facilitates diverse perspectives.

The list of books are all member suggestions. Every cycle members suggest books, and then poll which book they wish to read. Books are selected for poll rank, topic diversity, and page length. Poll ratings are taken into account as they let me know which books are preferred reads. Genre diversity is taken into account to make sure the books are inclusive of everyone's interest and facilitate curiously about topics allowing those who do not know much about the topic, to get introduced to it via book and discussion. Page length is taken into account to make sure that very long books are not being read back to back.

Past Events: 33
Attendance: Average = 10, Standard Deviation = 5
Author Appearance = 3