Monday, November 9, 2020

Review of Sources of Indian Tradition edited by William Theodore de Bary, Stephen Hay

This book review is written by Eugene Kernes

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Genre = History
Intriguing Connections = Get To Know The Peoples Of The World (India)

Elaborate Description

A history of Indian culture delivered via detailed explanation and reasoning of the importance of passages and how they fit into the grand scheme. The books major theme is the intellectual history of the subcontinent of South Asia. The layout of the book is consistent; having first a background, then a short explanation of some historic text, and the actual (translated) text. It is very interesting to see how the Indian philosophy has progressed. In terms of the overall coverage of the philosophy provided, it goes from property rights to what is knowledge. India's culture provides many insightful wisdoms.

Book Details

Edition ISBN:  9780231066518
Pages to read:   523
Publication:     1988
1st Edition:      1958
Format:            Paperback

Ratings out of 5:
Readability    3
Content          4
Overall           4