Thursday, December 23, 2021

Review of Elevating Equity and Justice: 10 U.S. Supreme Court Cases Every Teacher Should Know by Robert Kim

This book review was written by Eugene Kernes

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Educators are extremely influential not just for academic outcomes, but also in life’s outcomes.  Educators set up many expectations for students as to what the student is capable of, and how to treat one another.  This book is about the cases that have changed how schools operate.  Elucidating what educators can and cannot do.  Informing who is to be taught and how.  Each case is a product of the changing time.  Each case is a product of parents wanting what is best for their children, and educators wanting what is best for their students.  Every case is presented with what happened to lead up to the problem, how the problem got resolved by the supreme court, who is impacted by the case, and practical stories of the impact that the case had on academic life.  Education is a very important factor in social life and the presented cases show how education has been modified to improve outcomes, but there are still many ways that education can be improved.  


This is a short book directed at busy teachers, who will be able to find more resources on how to handle certain situations at the end of each case.  Although the book’s efforts are for the betterment of school life, it has a slight political bias which can undermine understanding the issues from different perspectives. 

Questions to Consider while Reading the Book
•What is the raison d’etre of the book?  For what purpose did the author write the book?
•How did each case impact the function of teaching?
•How did each case impact the students?
•How can education be improved? 
•Who is to be taught?
•How should schools select their students?
•What do parents want from schools?
•What rights do students have? 

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Publication:     2019
1st Edition:      2019
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