Monday, February 22, 2021

Review of Gang of Five: Leaders at the Center of the Conservative Crusade by Nina J. Easton

This book review was written by Eugene Kernes

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This book comprised of five biographies with the people under observation being political leaders at the end of the 20th century.  Bill Kristol, Ralph Reed, Grover Norquist, David McIntosh, and Clint Bolick histories and changes are expressed in this book.  From how they performed in school, to how culture shaped their views, what is clear is that they wanted to be in politics.  Easton provides a complicated story of ideological reversals and how their views shaped what they brought into the political arena. Their ideology stemmed from defending America from threats, of which communism was a big one at the time.  The various ways politicians get their message across is expressed in the book, like polarizing views in response to threats and opposition.  

This book provides a timely political history for when it was written, but not for a history book read years later.  Although topics such as religions role in politics, abortion, gay rights, and sex scandals are still well know topics, this book does not really explain their roles in politics overall.  It can also be confusing keeping track of which person had certain ideas and how those ideas relate to their roles in politics, unless the reader is familiar with the people.  It appears the book is trying to explain an important topic but needs more information to succeed.  

Questions to Consider while Reading the Book
•What is the raison d’etre of the book?  For what purpose did the author write the book?
•How did each politician shape politics?
•What early experiences shaped each of the politician’s views?
•Why did they go into politics?
•What tools did the politicians use to get their message across?

Book Details
Edition ISBN:  0684838990
Pages to read:   392
Publication:     2000
1st Edition:      2000
Format:           Hardcover

Ratings out of 5:
Readability    3
Content          2
Overall           2