Friday, November 13, 2020

Review of The Witch of Willow Hall by Hester Fox

This review was written by Eugene Kernes

Book can be found in:
Genre = Novel, History
Intriguing Connections = Some Type of Romance

Elaborate Description

Moving from Boston to New Oldbury due to a scandal sets of a series of unexpecting events. Revealing what how each individual reacts to the situation they are put in. In New Oldbury, the older sister Catherine seems to acting with impropriety while Lydia tries to provide authority to the youngest sister Emeline. Lydia finds someone who she finds has many attractive qualities, with the man being the new business partner of her father. Catherine tries to take away the attention from Lydia at every turn, while Lydia’s ex-fiancé wants a return. All the while, Lydia is finding that she sees the dead. These powers, and others are part of her witch heritage but is not privy to the information of being a witch.

The narrative is slow and informational release is sporadic. The slow narrative does build towards a greater appreciation of the gravity of decisions needed to be made. There are many historical reasoning and interactions in this book. Lydia’s power as a witch is not a major part of the narrative, but does add complexity to the situation she finds herself in.

Book Details

Edition ISBN:  9781488096747
Pages to read:   296
Publication:     2018
1st Edition:      2018
Format:            eBook

Ratings out of 5:
Readability    5
Content          2
Overall           3