Saturday, November 7, 2020

Review of Mastering 'metrics: The Path from Cause to Effect by Joshua D. Angrist, Jörn-Steffen Pischke

This book review was written by Eugene Kernes

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Genre = Economics, Research
Intriguing Connections = 1) Learning Economics: Basic to Advanced

Elaborate Description

To be able to get a grasp of the major econometrics techniques in this book, the reader should already understand some statistical concepts. In the first few chapters, the major topics discussed were eloquently put forward and a deep understanding of how they impact the results was provided. But each chapter provided various concepts that were not so easily understood, which were needed in later chapters, causing those later chapters to be less productive than the initial chapters.

Parts of the book have really eloquent comic scripts between master and student, which provide, even though simplistic, profound understanding of what the technique is with additional explanations of what the technique can and cannot handle. At the end of each chapter, the authors tell the story of how the particular technique was created and for what purpose.

The authors do an amazing job at showing how rigorous econometrics needs to be. They do this by providing various research examples, in each, expressing how an econometrics technique handles certain problems while always showing the limitations of the findings.

Book Details

Edition ISBN:  9780691152844
Pages to read:   249
Publication:     2015
1st Edition:      2015
Format:            Paperback

Ratings out of 5:
Readability    3
Content          4
Overall           3