Thursday, November 12, 2020

Review of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling

This review was written by Eugene Kernes

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Genre = Novel, Fantasy

Elaborate Description

Harry Potter was blamed for many things in his ten years living with the Dursleys. Blamed for things which he had no control over made worse by Dudley’s harsh treatment. Dudley was cuddled with the utmost care by his parents. It turned out that the Dursleys were trying to stop Harry from being what he was, a wizard. When Harry turned eleven, he received an invitation to tend Hogwarts, a school for witches and wizards.

Since then, Harry had to learn the world of magic which he was a part of. Hagrid told Harry much about the past, but much was still needed to be learned. Having made good friends with Hermione and Ron who were able to help along the way while making an enemy of Malfoy who did his best to get Harry into trouble. Harry was a legend in the wizarding world and was known by all. The story mainly takes place at Hogwarts with Harry being a first-year student and going through what it took learn all that was needed to be learned. Along the way, the mystery of what was being guarded in Hogwarts was being revealed, and that the dark wizard who nobody wants to even mention the name of may still be alive.

Book Details

Edition ISBN:  9780590353403
Pages to read:   309
Publication:     1998
1st Edition:      1997
Format:            Hardcover

Ratings out of 5:
Readability    5
Content          2
Overall           4