Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Review of Uncontrollable Women: Radicals, Reformers and Revolutionaries by Nan Sloane

This book review is written by Eugene Kernes

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During a time and place that women were supposed to leave politics to men, many women became activists.  Taking up causes, promoting them, fighting for them, and even dying for them.  Politically active not just for voting rights, but also politically engaged for various other causes, such as freedom of thought and the political structure.  As these women were breaching the social structure of the time, they were persecuted.  Women were oppressed structurally rather than accidentally.  Value systems change with time, with this era being framed by religion and class which influenced the way these women thought about others, as the women in this book held narrow-minded ideas about other people, even other women.  Along the way, a demystification of life for women at the time.  In many of the cases, the women were forced by circumstance to become radical activists as alternatives were not available.  In others, women accepted things as they were.  Providing an account of the social and political circumstances of the time. 


The book can sometimes be a bit difficult to read.  Having background knowledge in British history during the 18th-19th century would be very helpful in understanding many of this book’s topics and references. 

Questions to Consider while Reading the Book

•What is the raison d’etre of the book?  For what purpose did the author write the book?
•How to describe British tolerance? 
•Why did women write? 
•Why was oppression against women structural rather than accidental? 
•What were the causes that the women fought for? 
•How did women live during the time?
•Were these women feminists?
•What did these women think about other people?  Classes?  Women?

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