Sunday, December 26, 2021

Review of Alien Hunters by Daniel Arenson

This review was written by Eugene Kernes

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Genre = Novel, Science
Intriguing Connections = 1) Once Upon A Future, 2) Adventures Of The Space Faring Kind

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Elaborate Description


The skelkrin are apex predators who travel the stars on a path of conquest and destruction.  They are heading to Earth, but that will not be their final stop.  Before they reach human controlled space, they need to capture the last pirilian.  Pirilians have many magical gifts, such as teleportation.  If the skelkrin capture the pirilian, they would have the ability to teleport their fleets, making them unstoppable.  The pirilian was on the way to Earth to get help from Riff Starfire.  Riff is a musician, who finds out about the pirilian when the Cosmians try to get the information from Riff.  The Cosmians are humans who worship the skelkrin.  Riff needs to escape and seek the pirilian.  To do this, Riff seeks the help of an ex-love who is a gladiator, and brother who is a knight.  The group finds a spaceship that looks like a dragon.  Riff exchanges Riff’s signed musical instrument for the ship.  The purchase was for the ship, but whoever owns the ship inherits the eclectic crew, and business of Alien Hunters.  This crews’ clashing personalities need to find a way to get to the pirilian before the skelkrin do.


An engaging read but has some event sequence inconsistencies, and mixed character development.

Questions to Consider while Reading the Book

•What is the raison d’etre of the book?  For what purpose did the author write the book?
•What are the skelkrin?
•What are pirilians?
•Why is Midnight sent to Riff Starfire?
•What is Riff Starfire’s character traits?
•Who is on the Dragon Huntress, and what are their character traits?
•Why did Riff Starfire become captain of the Dragon Huntress?
•Who are the Cosmians?
•What do the skelkrin want from the Midnight?
•What is the occupation of Alien Hunters?

Book Details
Edition ISBN:  2940152784091
Pages to read:   289
Publication:     2017
1st Edition:      2014
Format:           eBook

Ratings out of 5:
Readability    5
Content          3
Overall           4