Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Review of Pnin by Vladimir Nabokov

This review was written by Eugene Kernes

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Genre = Novel

Elaborate Description

A telling of a story about a professor who moved from Russia to the U.S. Humor is all abound with professor Pnin response to the situation he is placed in. From dealing with the lack of conversational language to deciphering his friend from lookalikes. Actions taken from Pnin experience in Russia do no apply well to the situations he is in.

The writing takes on many backstory regressions. Some regressions add to the story in depth and humor, other regression compromise the story telling. These regressions seem to lead to nowhere and can create confusion about the situation.

Book Details

Edition ISBN:  9780307787477
Pages to read:   144
Publication:     2011
1st Edition:      1957
Format:            eBook

Ratings out of 5:
Readability    3
Content          1
Overall           2