Saturday, November 14, 2020

Review of The Essential Wisdom of the Presidents edited by Carol Kelly-Gangi

This review was written by Eugene Kernes

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Genre = Politics

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Most quotes presented speak with such power. These quotes are supposedly the best out of all the presidents. A confirmation bias exists because there are not that many quotes in the book that represent when some presidents got it wrong. The general outlook of the book seems to be say, based on the quotes not of the author, that if only a country could get a good leader would mean the country will do good which is wrong considering that it is not the people who are dependent on the president but the president who is depended on the people. A few ways that could have made the book more interesting is by providing a general summary of what the presidents believed in terms of specific subjects. The book tends to sticks to a time line, going from early presidents to more recent but that is not always the case. Something interesting about the presidents is that earlier presidents wanted to built up the foundations of a country so that everyone can prosper and the more recent presidents tailor what they say for special interested parties.

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Edition ISBN:  9781435126169
Pages to read:   162
Publication:     2010
1st Edition:      2010
Format:            Hardcover

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Readability     5
Content           4
Overall           4